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2014 in review



Middle child is getting married Friday. His fiancee wants to see baby pictures, so last night I dug through several old photo albums looking for the best ones. It’s amazing to think that such a small baby is now all grown up and on his own and ready to start his own family.

And it doesn’t seem like that much time has passed, either.


adverse Twitter effects

I got a Twitter account a few months back — I’m @AliceMCole over there.

The unforeseen effect: all my updates happen over there. I never remember to come over here to write a blog post.

ideas into thin air

Every day I have at least a couple of thoughts that I know I could turn into blog posts, but by the time I sit down at the computer I’ve forgotten what they were. So when I had a good idea yesterday as we were heading out to lunch, I thought, “Well, I’ll just jot it down this time so I don’t forget it.”

So here I am at my desk, staring at the squiggles in my notebook. Apparently I had a profound insight about the “meaning” of “scones.”

Or is it morning with scones? Or is it possibly stones? That seems possible; I remember noticing the fake Italian front on the Olive Garden restaurant we ate at. But I don’t remember pondering the meaning, and I certainly wasn’t there in the morning. I might have been longing to go back to Italy to see the real thing, but I wouldn’t have noted that as a blog topic.

Stores? Morning of Stores? Meaning of Stores? Meaning of Stoves?

I give up. It’s going to have to remain a mystery.

Oh, I want this place

Historic house in Charlestown, MA. I think I’d change some of the furniture, though.


New Orleans vacation

New Orleans was wonderful, though not good for my waistline or my writing.

My favorite t-shirt seen in the tourist shops: What goes down in Vegas stays in Vegas. What goes down in New Orleans, you go home and brag about!

My favorite restaurant: R’evolution, and the always-wonderful Court of Two Sisters and Commander’s Palace, though I can honestly say we didn’t have a bad meal the whole time we were there.

Loved the football game and the paddlewheeler cruise to the Chalmet Battlefield (Battle of New Orleans).

Loved it all.

And now to get back to work.

new red hat

Me in my new red hat, with a mimosa, at the Court of Two Sisters for brunch.

No novel progress, but the needlework project is done


broken shoulder is officially no longer broken

Checkup today with the orthopedist to see how my arm is doing. The x-ray shows complete healing. Plus I’ve got most of my range of motion back. Still need to keep working on the rest of it, but I don’t need to go back for any more followup. Hallelujah!

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I love the smell of rain

It just started to rain here and the air smells delicious, delightfully damp and green and faintly muddy. Makes me want to snuggle up in a cozy chair with a book and a cup of tea and go to sleep listening to the steady patter on the leaves.

Or maybe I’ll write a love scene that takes place while the fresh clean rain falls outside.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?