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Reviving my home

With Twitter teetering, I have decided to make my old blog active again so at least I’ll have a place to land where my friends can find me. Here’s hoping it won’t be necessary — but reviving the blog might be a good thing anyway. I’ll be able to pontificate and post snippet and stuff.

Drop by and say hi!


trying to get back in the saddle

Well, middlest is married and heading into the future with his wife. They’re back in California, moved into the new apartment with room for a baby due in February. They’re excited and happy. So are we. We’re making plans to be out there when the baby comes and trying to get our heads around being grandparents.

All of which is massively distracting. I had thought I’d come home from the wedding ready to get back in the saddle and just turn out the words the way I used to. It was so easy to think that the wedding distraction was why I wasn’t getting any writing done.

But of course there’s always another distraction. Sometimes you do have to let real life take over, but most of the time it’s just another factor to be dealt with. There are always distractions. I have to write anyway. Get back in the saddle. Make words instead of excuses.

Watch me go!

I’m now live on Amazon

I’ve been live on Amazon for quite some time, but what with middlest’s wedding and the canoe trip and all the rest of the late summer chaos, I forgot to post about it until now 🙂

If you read Bad Fairies and liked it, please think about leaving a review.

plot possibilities

Overamped is just about ready to go

124,177 words after edits. Still some cleanup and final spellcheck to go. Plus I have to write a blurb. But Overamped should be in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest on Friday. Assuming they haven’t reached 10K entries before that.

yummy new recipe

We tried this recipe from Runner’s World tonight, and it was sensational.

I used bacon instead of pancetta, and some aging white zinfandel somebody brought to a Christmas party but otherwise followed the recipe, which is unusual for me 🙂 

I served it with fruit salad, which was good. Next time maybe I’ll try it with green salad and french bread. 

Website updates coming

Stay tuned for new layout, new header, new photos — even an author picture, maybe!

Happy holidays!

A bit of a different look for the holiday season: not nearly as spooky 🙂 

I hope everyone is enjoying whatever holiday they celebrate and making good memories to keep you warm. I know many people have bad memories and bad situations, with too much stress and too many expectations. I wish you peace, or at least survival. 

And whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope the season and the coming year bring you love, peace, health, prosperity, spiritual growth, and most of all your heart’s desire. 

NaNo day 2

2,224 words so far for NaNo, which is a bit behind schedule but nothing serious. Pieces are starting to fall into place, things are happening, the body will be discovered tomorrow, or maybe Monday…

Nightmare Fuel flash: Choosing Fate

Day 16


wooden witches

The time has come, my son. You must choose a card and read there the fate of the children of men.

No, Master, no! For I am not as the children of men and I am forbidden to look upon my fate.

Nevertheless you shall choose a card and you shall abide by its decree, be it for damnation or for glory.

No, Master, no, I cannot, for I am odd and strange and not like the children of men. I will be turned from their door and left to die in the wilderness.

Nevertheless you must go, for your fate has been chosen. You will go to your mother’s people. They will not welcome you, but for her sake they will make room for you, and they will allow you to feed the pigs and the cattle and the elephants.

No, Master, no, I cannot! For they will say I am one with the beasts, for my father was a beast.

Nevertheless you will live among them and you will bow your head and tug your forelock. You will learn their tongue and their ways, and you will die among them, as your fate has been chosen and so you must go.

No, Master, no, do not make me do this evil thing. For I am not as the children of men and I am forbidden to walk among them. If my fate is to tend pigs, then let them be your pigs, my master. If I must sleep among the elephants, let them be your pigs, my beloved master. For I have sworn to serve you all my days, and I will not break my word. I will not go against the curse that binds me.

Nevertheless you will go, my son, for fate has decreed your path. If you seek to defy it, much evil and grief will accrue around you, and yet you will not escape.

No, Master, no, for I see now that you are testing me. You threaten me with misfortune and damnation so that fear may guide my choice.

This is no test, my son. You must go, as the card has decreed. You chose it freely and you must abide by what it says. But you do not know what that path is. You do not know where it leads. You must walk it, will or no, to the end, but you do not know where or when that end comes. Any man’s eye may see that you are not as the children of men. One requires no inner sight to discern the harm they intend. But even the wisest seer who ever lived could not discern the nature of your path, whether for good or for evil. Many is the worthy man who has taken heart in the darkest of times and found his path from the pigsty to the palace. Many is the worthy man who finds love and joy and worthwhile service beyond the cart of elephant dung.

No, Master, no! I cover my ears from your evil tongue. First you threaten me, now you tempt me. I will not listen. I will not go.

Foolish boy! Have you given these many years to me, learning at my feet by the fire, only to reject me now when you most need my advice? I tell you, you cannot change this path. Embrace it willingly, follow it with all your heart, and you may yet find your joy. Run if you, will, but I tell you, it will find you in the end and your fall will be great, your misery eternal. Do you understand?

No, Master, no! Some demon has taken you. Some evil creature speaks through your beloved mouth and shines hard in your beloved eyes. I shall free you, Master, as I free myself!

Master? Master? Why do you not reply? Where have you gone, my Master, my Beloved?