to SAD or not to SAD?

One of my favorite yearly writing challenge is the May Story a Day, abbreviated SAD. Yes, it means what it says: write a story every day, although there are more modest goals as well. I usually get between 3 and 10 or 12 stories of varying quality. One year the best short story turned out to be the opening of Overamped (which I still think is a very good novel even if I haven’t been able to find a publisher yet). 

But this year I’m in the middle of the second draft of Crows. It’s been a slog to get back into the story, and it’s not an easy one to let go of when it gets its claws and beak into my brain. I would really rather not break off working on it right now. 

I don’t know whether doing both is reasonable. Possibly if I scale back my short story goals — maybe one day a week? — I could make it work. But more likely I’m going to have to choose one or the other when I want to do both. I guess that’s what being a grownup is about, huh?  




4 responses to “to SAD or not to SAD?

  1. One day a week is reasonable. Sometimes just a shift in focus away from your big project can energize your creative side and open you up to making better progress on the main project.

    I am of course quite biased… 🙂

  2. IMNSHO, being a grownup sucks.

    But yeah, I’ve already made the choice. Not that it was easy. I want to write All. The. Things!

  3. Hugs. I’m right with you there. Current plan is to finish Aubrey’s Story first and then do a little short story work while editing, but I’ll be lucky to get your minimum of three. But it’s SAD! I’ve been doing it since the very first year, though that was the only one I tried for the 31 and got 25. usually I get 10-15.

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