Home for a while, finally

After spending most of the last month on the road, it’s good to finally be home. 

We spent time in Rocklin CA (near Sacramento) visiting middle son and his fiancee — saw Point Reyes, visited vineyards in Napa and Nevada City, took time to drive over to Lake Tahoe for some hiking, some paddling, and dinner with friends, and ate crab on on the waterfront in San Francisco. 

From there, we went to Montana to visit my family. Lots of good times and a day trip through Yellowstone Park with my mother. The highlight was the biggest damn grizzly I have ever seen, only a few hundred feet from the highway. He was across a river from us, so it was safe enough, but close enough to be scary. They are such impressive animals. 

We came home for a couple of days, just long enough to go to our first art class, and then it was off to Pittsburgh to pick up youngest son and help him move to Madison, WI where he’ll be starting a new job on Monday. Flew home yesterday, in time for art class again. 


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